Probably everyone can simply explain the beauty of a work of art. Because it is individual, and everyone is free in his thoughts. The reason lies in the fact that aesthetics does not limit, does not oblige. There is no concept of utility, effectiveness, which impose limitations. And this applies to both creators and critics. Then what is the beauty of tools? Beautiful design? Usability? In our concept, beauty must consist in the adequacy of form and function. A striking example is that a hammer can never have the form of a screwdriver.

So, the structure of any solution by our concept should be the following:

Benefit. Necessity and sufficiency.


In order to help your busiuness we provide very flexible minimalistic customized solutions instead of template products. We do it by the concept we call E-Motica SAAS Solution on Demand (ESSD). Concept is very simple:
5-7 functions
Solution must have strongly no more 5-7 functions agreed with the customer business needs
7 days development
Solution must be developed in 7-10 days
7 days trial/testing
Solution must have 7 days free trial period
14 days to production
After 2 week (14 days) solution should be in production and billing will start

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